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Future 1999 : Adventures in Metropolis

The End of the 20th Century

Future 1999 - Adventures in Metropolis
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Future 1999 is an LJ based roleplaying game set in the city of Metropolis. The 1999 that it is set in is the 1999 that was envisioned in the 30's and 40's- robots run the factories. Zepplins cruise the skies, docking at sky scrapers that make modern buildings look dwarfed. Jetpack gangs make trouble in the cities, while air pirates prey on vulnerable convoys crossing oceans. Science heros, ray gun toting, super-serum taking, invention making, adventurers protect society from the science villains, who turn their armies of robots against the populace, or level new threats.

Much like in the film Metropolis, the city for this game is riddled with conflict between the Ruling Elite, living in palaces perched atop skyscrapers, and the regular citizens beneath them- and often beneath their notice. Rogues like Sarah NiCollins, an Irish subversive, bomb robot factories in the name of the workers, while a self styled "Athena" creates a Communalist society on a man made Atlantis, and sends her "Blue Subversives" to bring communalism to the rest of the world. The infamous Air Pirate LeReynaud is a modern Robin Hood, attacking convoys and distributing his booty with the citizens of the lower city.

To play in this game, simply create a character- invent a person that fits in this world (and since you will have a role in describing this world you have a great deal of leeway), make an introductory post to integrate your character into the running story, and then let things grow from there. Play off the other players, invent new challenges for the characters- you're both a player and a Storyteller in this game.