How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote in future1999,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Starting Point Post

A storm blew in low across the city of Metropolis. Clouds rolled in,
so dwarfed by the city that the man on the street could see the bases
of the buildings, the high powered executives in the penthouses
couldn't see those beneath them, and everyone inbetween was looking
out the windows into a grey mist with no form or direction.

In the depths of the bowery, the thunder masked a series of gunshots,
but did not hide them completely. Footsteps echoed into the distance,
and a woman lay bleeding.

A news paper heralded the triumph of Tony Grayson, science hero, over
the villanous Druegar, who had been attempting to destroy the city of
Metropolis by using a robot army to burrow beneath the foundations of
key buildings.

Buried deeper in the newspaper was a story about Star Corporation's
150,000 employee layoff, as the last remenant of the human factory
floor was replaced by robots.

Someplace else in the city, a zepplin docks at the top of the
skyscraper, and the German ambassador is aboard. At the base of that
building a monorail comes into the station, and an German immigrant
family is aboard, hoping to make a new life.
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