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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Some major players in the world, to give you a feel.

August LeRenard - LeRenard- The "Fox", prowls the Atlantic, preying on
the slow moving cargo zepplins going to and from Europe. He is the
quintisential Air Pirate- charming, dashing, swashbuckling, and
reuputed to make the sternest of ladies melt with his cajun accent.

His own zepplin, the Bayou Bell, serves as an aircraft carrier for his
fleet of fighters.

LeRenard also has been known to play Robin Hood, taking the proceeds
from his attacks and distrubiting them around the lower city. His
popularity is so great that the "Chronicles of the Fox", a thinly
vieled HomeCinema (television) adventure is one of the most popular


Athena and her Myrmidons

Athena, aka Mistress Eliza Carter, was formerly the head of Carter
Assurance, an investment firm that was at the top of the food chain.
Frustrated with life in Metropolis, citing constant inequality, she
liquidated her company and constructed a floating five mile island
moored in the middle of the Atlantic- approximately at the location of
Atlantis according to Ptolmey.

She has since constructed a new model of economy, which she calls
Communalism. Her island has abolished religion, and instead,
instituted "Priestesses of Wisdom", philosopher scientests who both
advance technology as well as provide agnostic spiritual guidance for
the residents of Atlantis.

Her Myrmidon warriors are feared because of the inventions of the
Priestesses of Wisdom- they wear robotic suits that give them superior
strength, make them immune to bullets, as well as give them a fearsome
visage. While her army is small, no nation, save Metropolis, would
willingly incur her wrath.

In Metropolis, the Embassy of Atlantis has been bombed three times,
and while the culprit was apprehended on all three occasions, he
always escaped punishment due to technicalities. Relations between the
two nations are strained, and there are rumors that Atlantian
Communalist subversives have infiltrated the upper echelons of Metropolis.


Detective Daniel Brigsby-
Det. D. Brigsby is the only member of the Metropolis police department
to have appeared in the major news papers on a nearly daily basis
since his promotion to detective.

Brigsby grew up in the Lower City, and fought his way out tooth and
nail, rising to his current fame because of his dogged determination
and rugged street smarts.

He regularly foils the plots of a variety of Science Villians, and the
infamous Moloch has declared Brigsby his arch nemesis.

Despite his fame and fortune, Brigsby is finding himself in a
difficult position. The denezins of the Lower City do not trust him, a
sell out in their eyes, while the upper crust society views him as a
Lower City vagabond pretending above his station.


Sarah NiCollins -
Exiled from the United Kingdom for her views, the molotov throwing,
red haired lass from across the pond is a dangerous insurgent in the
carefully regulated society of Metropolis. She has been connected to
several factory bombings, and claims to be responsible for the Robot
Virus of '96, which brought robtosized factories to a screeching halt.

In person, she is known to be of lose morals, and revels in that fact.
Even now, a mistress of disguise, she arrives at fashionable parties
and seduces married gentlmen, taking their virtue and the contents of
their pockets. For her, it is merely sport, but it is a serious
offense to the Mayor, her most recent victim!


Model 0478

0478 is officially the world's smartest robot. It moves from research
lab to research lab, dispensing sage advice and solving the insoluble.
When danger rears its head, be it in the form of Moloch, NiCollins, or
some other nefarious villian, it's one of the first in line to do
battle, wielding a new invention designed to stop this latest threat
to the fabric of our society. It was the one responsible for finding a
cure for the Robot Virus of '96.
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